AR# 13185


4.1i Install - ERROR Starting Program - The msvcrt.dll file is linked to missing export msvcirt.dll."


General Description:

On Windows 98 machines, this error appears after installation of the 4.1i software when ProjNav is launched. The error The msvcirt.dll file is linked to missing export msvcirt.dll."


We are seeing this issue on machines that also have Palm Pilot software installed. The same error shows up when they run the Palm Pilot software. This issue is under investigation. Right click on the version of mscvirt.dll in $xilinx\bin\nt and compare to the one in \windows\system and see if they match. Also see solution #10170 for similar issue.

At this point, it appears to be an OS issue with W98. Recommended action is clean install of W98 and the problem goes away.

Cypress Warp 6.2 did not run either. Both the Cypress Warp

and Xilinx Foundation Software have components that were developed by Aldec.

The problem also started after I installed the latest Adobe Reader upgrade

5.05. Upon investigation I found that the latest Adobe update replaced the

msvcrt.dll file in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder. I replaced this file with

the one located in C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\config\redist\win98\ and this seemed

to solve the problem running both your software and the Cypress software.

Now the Adobe Reader upgrade 5.05 no longer operated so I reinstalled Adobe

Reader 5.01 which runs fine and does not effect the Xilinx and Cypress


Please note that since windows uses this file it will be necessary to make

the file change in DOS.

AR# 13185
日付 04/13/2010
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