AR# 1344


XC4000: XDE- editlca: find RxCx returns the wrong block in 4013(E) - 4025(E)



Urgency: standard


While in xde - editlca for a 4013, 4020, or 4025, the user may
notice the following behavior:
Typing "find RxCx" may return a block different that the one
desired. Also, the following arguments will return invalid
location error:
4013 - R13Cx or RxC13
4020 - R15Cx or RxC15
4025 - R17Cx or RxC17
4003 to 4010 - RxCx


The correct syntax for all 40xx(E) devices in xde is
"find CLB_RxCx". The larger three devices aren't restricted
from using this notation as do the smaller devices. Thus all
smaller chips (4010 and below) return invalid location for all
attempts to access the "RxCx" notation.

Due to how the chips are designed, there is a row and column
that isn't user configurable but is numbered; users who attempt
to reference this row or column in the larger chips (4013 - Row
or Column 13, 4020 Row or Column 15, 4025 Row or Column 17)
will see the invalid location error; and all references to
higher block numbers will be off by one. For example, "find
R14C14" in a 4013 will point to CLB R13C13. Smaller block
numbers will return the correct location. For example, "find
R12C12" in a 4013 will point to CLB R12C12.

To solve this problem, please use the notation "CLB_RxCx" in
referencing the desired blocks in xde - editlca.
AR# 1344
日付 01/12/2003
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