AR# 135


WIR2XNF:SEC:license not found For product GENERIC Error 4:iwinit failure


When you get this error:

SEC: No valid license found

In file: (Not Found)

For product: Generic

design.xnf:WIR2XNF ERROR 4: Internal initialization failure : IWINIT FAILURE

There are four different reasons for this problem. They are:

1. Corrupted WIR files.

2. Missing PRODUCT in the license.wv/license.dat file (workstation only).

3. Missing LICENSE_SERVER line in the workview.ini (workstation only).

4. IP address being used instead of alphanumeric name as the hostname.


Run the program check with the -p option on the design from the dos/unix

prompt. With Workview Office, from the top-level schematic you can run

Tools->Check Project. This will update all the wir files and assure that

they contain no errors. If check -p (or Check Project) reports errors, these

must be fixed before WIR2XNF is run again.

When Viewlogic updates their Powerview customers to a new license (in the

license.wv or license.dat file) they MAY NOT ALWAYS send a magic number

which authorizes product 2. Product 2 is the code for Workview (4.10).

Since Powerview "replaces" workview, it makes sense that Viewlogic wouldn't

always send a license for the former/obsolete product.

Even if Product 2 is listed, the only way to verify if this product is

authorized is to check with Viewlogic.

Make sure the "LICENSE_SERVER hostname" line is in both the powerview.ini

and the workview.ini. This is only true for network licenses. If the

license is a node locked license, the server line must NOT appear in the workview.ini.

Also, the location of powerview.ini for Powerview 5.3 is:



The license server line should appear in both places.

This error may also occur if the License Server hostname is specified by

the IP address (i.e. Once the hostname is changed to

alphabetic name of the server the problem should be resolved.
AR# 135
日付 01/26/2011
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