AR# 13686


4.2i Foundation Logic simulator - "Warning 9199: Unknown component - _I8, x_clkdlle, Warning 9193: Some IC Models not loaded..."


Keywords: Foundation, Aldec, 4.2, Logic Simulator, Virtex-E, 9199, 9193, keylock, IC Models, x_clkdlle

Urgency: Standard.

General Description:
When I target a Virtex-E FPGA in Foundation Classic, the post-route simulation of a design using a DLL component causes the warning below in the netlist.log file, and the simulation related to this component is not performed:

"Warning 9199: Unknown component - _I8, x_clkdlle.
Warning 9193: Some IC Models not loaded. They were not found or not available in the keylock."


When a Virtex-E device is targeted, the component "x_clkdlle" is automatically used in the simulation netlist (time_sim.edn). If one of the three DLL components available in the library (CLKDLL, CLKDLLE and CLKDLLHF) is used, the warning will be generated.

You can work around this problem by replacing x_clkdlle by, x_clkdll, x_clkdll2, or xclkdllhf in the netlist time_sim.edn (with respect to the primitive used in the design).
AR# 13686
日付 03/28/2014
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