AR# 13881


ePDCORE: Coregen doesn't gets invoked on Unix 5.8


Keywords: innoveda, epdcore, eproduct, solaris 5.8, SUN

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Using ePD2.0 on Solaris 5.8, a user tries to invoke coregen using ePDCORE utility but, coregen doesn't gets invoked .


This problem will happen when user runs ePDCORE utility on any Sol 5.8 machine. There won't be any problem if user is using Sol 5.6/5.7

To fix this problem a customer will need to obtain an updated version of the file "epdcore.efm" and place it in their $XILINX/viewlog/data directory.

CAEs can get the file at ~howardp/innoveda (either epdcore.efm or tarred version epdcore_efm.tar)
If several cases get linked to this solution we will look at putting this file on the ftp site as a tactical patch.

Note: the existing epdcore.efm file should be saved in a backup directory if the user intends to use the software on Sol 5.6/5.7 at a later time.

1) After epdcore.efm is placed in the $XILINX/viewlog/data directory, open ePDCORE from the ePD GUI.
This should up a dialog box that shows both the project directory and polling directory

2) When the user clicks OK button after selecting the options in the ePDCORE GUI, a message box appears, indicating that the user should manually execute two commands in the shell. From this message box the user should obtain both the project directory and polling directory.

3) From a unix shell run the following two commads

# cd <project directory path>
# xilperl $EPDCORE/ /tmp/<polling directory> COREU

After executing these two commands the Core Generator window pops up. Click OK button in the Core Generator message box.

These steps are required only once, when the user starts ePDCORE GUI setup. After that user can create as many number of cores as required.
AR# 13881
日付 10/01/2008
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