AR# 13931


Virtex-II Pro RocketIO - PCI Express compliance


Are Virtex-II Pro RocketIO transceivers fully PCI Express-compliant?


Yes, Virtex-II Pro RocketIO transceivers are compliant to all but certain features:

- The beacon, a low-frequency signal used to restart the system after power down/reset, is not available.

- You must set outputs to the common mode voltage for the electrical idle signal. The only way to obtain common mode voltage on TXP and TXN is to use an external circuit. The Virtex-II Pro might produce an idle signal output, the assertion of which causes the external circuit to bring the TX lines to common mode voltage. A serial ATA requires the same type of electrical idle signal. An example circuit is available in the Serial ATA spec at:

Xilinx has not tested this solution, so it is not guaranteed to work.

For information about clocking a PCI Express interface on a Virtex-II Pro, please see (Xilinx Answer 18329).

AR# 13931
日付 05/14/2014
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