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AR# 13985

Virtex-II Pro Developer's Kit - Environment Variables


Keywords: Virtex-II Pro, V2PDK, variables, environment

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What environment variables are required for the Virtex-II Pro Developer's Kit?


The environment variables for PC and UNIX are as follows:

Environment Variables - PC

Variables set for the machine:
set SYNPLICITY = C:\synplicity\synplify_70;
set XILINX_GNUTOOLS = c:\xilinx\gnu_sdt;
set XILINX = c:\xilinx;

set PATH = c:\xilinx\gnu_sdt_bin; - Path to GNU Tools
set PATH = c:\cygwin\bin; - Path to Cygwin Tools
set PATH = c:\xilinx\bin\nt; - Path to Xilinx Implementation Tools
set PATH = c:\synplicity\synplify_70\bin; - Path to Synplify Tools
set PATH = c:\modeltech_5.5f\win32; - Path to ModelTech Tools

Variables set in V2PDK Shell by v2pro_setup.bat:
set V2PRO = c:\xilinx\v2pdk;
set V2PRO_HOST_OSTYPE=cygwin;
set PATH = %V2PRO%\tools\%V2PRO_HOST_OSTYPE%\xilinx\bin;%PATH%;

ModelTech Variables:
set MODELSIM = ; - Set the Modelsim variable to nothing. This forces MTI to use the modelsim.ini file in the simulation directory
set LMC_HOME=%V2PRO%\source\sim_models\Xilinx\verilog\smartmodel\nt\installed; - SMART Model Installation Directory
set LMC_PATH=%LMC_HOME%\foundry;
set LMC_CONFIG=%LMC_HOME%\data\pcnt.lmc;
set PATH = %LMC_HOME%\bin;%PATH%

CoreConnect Variables:
set CORECONNECT = %V2PRO%\coreconnect;
set BFC_SIM = verilog;

Environment Variables - UNIX

Variables the user must set in the shell:
setenv SYNPLICITY /tools/synplicity/synplify_70;
setenv XILINX /tools/xilinx;

setenv PATH ${XILINX}/gnu_sdt_bin - Path to GNU Tools
setenv PATH ${XILINX}/bin/nt - Path to Xilinx Implementation Tools
setenv PATH /tools/synplicity/synplify_70/bin - Path to Synplify Tools
setenv PATH /tools/modeltech_5.5f/win32 - Path to ModelTech Tools

Variables set in the shell by v2pro_setup:
setenv V2PRO ${XILINX}/v2pdk
setenv V2PRO_HOST_OSTYPE solaris
setenv XILINX_GNUTOOLS ${V2PRO}/gnu_sdt
setenv PATH ${V2PRO}/tools/${V2PRO_HOST_OSTYPE}/gnu/bin
setenv PATH ${V2PRO}/tools/${V2PRO_HOST_OSTYPE}/xilinx/bin

ModelTech Variables:
unsetenv MODELSIM - Unset the Modelsim variable. This forces MTI to use the modelsim.ini file in the simulation directory
setenv LMC_HOME ${V2PRO}/source/sim_models/Xilinx/verilog/smartmodel/sol/installed - SMART Model Installation Directory
setenv LMC_PATH ${LMC_HOME}/foundry
setenv LMC_CONFIG ${LMC_HOME}/data/solaris.lmc
setenv PATH ${LMC_HOME}/bin

Verilog-XL Variable:
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LMC_HOME}/lib/sun4Solaris.lib

GDB Variable:
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${V2PRO}/tools/solaris/gnu/bin

GNU Man Page Variable:
setenv MANPATH ${V2PRO}/tools/solaris/gnu/man
AR# 13985
日付 09/29/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般