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Install: How can I install multiple versions and Service-Packs on one machine?


General Description:

Can I install multiple versions of the Xilinx-software on one machine? I want to run 3.1i, 3.1i with SP8, 4.1i and 4.1i with SP 3. Is that possible?


This is possible but it will need some manual work.

1) Install Foundation 3.1i to e.g. C:\Xilinx

2) rename C:\Xilinx to C:\Xilinx_31i

3) Install Foundation again to C:\Xilinx and apply Service-Pack 8

4) Rename C:\Xilinx to C:\Xilinx_31i_SP8

5) Install 4.1i to C:\Xilinx

6) Rename C:\Xilinx to C:\Xilinx_41i

7) Install 4.1i again to C:\Xilinx and apply Service-Pack 3

8) Rename C:\Xilinx to C:\Xilinx_41i_SP3

If you now want to run a special version of the software you need to set the XILINX-Variable and the PATH-variable to point to the directory of the software you want to run.

AR# 14101
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