AR# 1466


Timing Analyzer 6.0.1: Cannot print .XRP from Timing Analyzer when running Windows 95


General Description:

Attempting to print .XRP file from Timing Analyzer 6.0.1 yields

a Windows 95 "System Error" dialog box with the following error


FATAL ERROR: MSG 0x0073c35f [CAT 7/3 STD 50015]

Category: Underlying system generated error [Toolkit error]

Function: xvt_print_create xvt_dlg_create_res xvt_app_create

File: wprnt.c line: 704


Since XACTstep 6.0.1 was developed for Windows 3.11, there are

some incompatibilities with Windows 95. This is one of them,

and there currently is no fix for this.

If you can save your report in Timing Analyzer, then please

refer to Resolution 2 of this solution record.

You can print the timing report by saving the timing report

(Xilinx Solution 1221), opening the saved document in another

text editor (Notepad, Word, etc), and printing the report from

within the respective text editor. The saved report will be a

standard text file.

AR# 1466
日付 01/18/2010
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