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Packaging: What packages are plastic and what ones are ceramic?


Key words: Package plastic, ceramic

Problem Description:

How do I know if a package is plastic or ceramic?


When you say a package is plastic or ceramic you refer to the substrate used in the package. Typically ceramic packages are limited to Military grade (M and B) products. Some advantages of using ceramic packages are high CTE(Coefficient of thermal Expansion)

The following are the only Ceramic packages:

1) CB or Ceramic Brazed Package.

2) CG or Ceramic Ball Grid Array Package.

3) PG or Ceramic Pin Grid Array.

4) CC or Ceramic Quad Flat Package.

5) DD or Ceramic Dual In-line Package.

You can also look up for a list of the types of packages that Xilinx provides. Also refer Solution 14727 for a key to understanding the normal Packaging Abbreviations.

Note that the CG package is phased out due to yield problems. FG1156 which is a plastic package is the closest replacement for CG1156.
AR# 14726
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