AR# 1483


FPGA Express: How do you specify slew rate in FPGA Express?


Keywords: slew, attribute, property, FPGA Express, 2.0

Urgency: Standard

Slew-rate can be specified on I/O after the design has been elaborated in
FPGA Express.


After elaborating the design (before optimization), right-click on the implemented
design and select 'Edit Constraints'. This will bring up the constraints window.

The 'Ports' tab will list all the pins for a given design. There is a column
in this display called 'Slew Rate'. Selecting the row that corresponds to
the pin you want, left-click on the box under the Slew Rate column and
select Slow or Fast. Modify the top row to change the default value.

Note: slew rate can only be specified on ports of type output or inout in
FPGA Express
AR# 1483
日付 08/11/2003
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