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6.2 System Generator for DSP - Why is the Hilbert Transform version of the DA FIR COREGen core not available in SysGen?


General Description:  

When I am creating my FIR filter in System Generator, I want to use the Hilbert Transform, because every other one of my coefficients is zero, and the Hilbert Transform will save me a lot of room in my device. The problem is that there is not an option to do this in SysGen, yet when I look in COREGen, I can create a Hilbert Transform version of the core.


The Hilbert transform is not available in System Generator for DSP. It is possible to build a Hilbert transformer with two DA FIRs in series. The disadvantage of doing so is that the composite filter will be bigger than the one produced by COREGen (which will take advantage of the negative symmetry around the center tap point). 


Alternatively, the DA FIR v8.0 can be brought into System Generator using the Black Box. Consult the example in the documentation to help you bring a Black Box Core into System Generator.

AR# 14884
日付 05/14/2014
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