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AR# 15269

Virtex-II Pro - JTAG configuration fails (4.2sp3 iMPACT reports programming succeeded, but DONE does not go High)


The DONE pin does not go High when I attempt to program Virtex-II Pro devices with instantiated PowerPC cores through JTAG.  


When I program with iMPACT 4.2isp3 and earlier, the software incorrectly reports that the DONE pin went High.


Virtex-II Pro devices with instantiated PowerPC cores require a synchronous TAP reset prior to the load of the JSTART command. This change to the programming algorithm will be provided in the next major release of iMPACT (the first version of iMPACT containing this fix is 5.1i). 


NOTE: Virtex-II Pro designs that do not use the PowerPC cores will not have this problem. 


For customers who have implemented their own programming solutions, the full JTAG programming algorithm for Virtex-II Pro will be provided in the next revision of the Virtex-II Pro User Guide at: 


AR# 15269
日付 05/14/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般