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2.1i Install: How to install the Concept-HDL libraries on Windows PC (NT/95/98)?


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How to install the Concept-HDL libraries on Windows PC (NT/95/98)?


Currently, on the Alliance CAE libraries 2.1i CD, there is no PC setup to
install the Cadence's Concept-HDL libraries.

After running installation of the Implementation Tools, all .pkg and system
files will be installed to %XILINX%/cadence/data. However, the user will
have to install the Concept libraries manually.

On the Alliance CAE libraries 2.1i CD, the user can extract the needed
device libraries onto their system. The libraries are available as .zip files
in the directory:


Where <device_family> is one of the following:

spartan, spartan2, spartanxl, virtex, xc3000, xc4000e, xc4000x, xc5200,
and xc9000

The xcpads can be obtained from the Xilinx FTP site at

The libraries need not reside under the Xilinx installation since the locations
of the libraries can be appropriately mapped with a library definitions file
named cds.lib. The cds.lib file defines which libraries are accessible and
where they are located. The file contains statements that map logical
library names to their physical directory paths.

Use WINZIP or some other unzip utility to extract to the appropriate

When using cds.lib with Xilinx, include a reference to the following libraries.

DEFINE <library> worklib
INCLUDE $CDS_INST_DIR/share/cdssetup/cds.lib
DEFINE <device_family> $XILINX/cadence/data/<device_family>
DEFINE xcpads $XILINX/cadence/data/xcpads
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