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AR# 15391

4.1isp3 iMPACT - System ACE MPM "xccacem64" and "xccacem16" are seen as "xccacem32sc" (IDCODE error)


General Description: 

When I target a System ACE SC (Soft Controller) or the System ACE MPM programmed with Version 1 of the MPM Controller, iMPACT 4.2 with Service Pack 3 recognizes the device as a 32M Soft Controller (xccacem32sc) instead of a 64M (xccacem64) or 16M (xccacem64) Controller.


Software support for the MPM Controller Version 1 was added in the 5.1i iMPACT. 


If you are using software prior to the 5.1i version, you can work around the issue as follows: 

1. Manually specifying the device chain. 

2. Assigning the appropriate System ACE MPM BSDL or .mpm file to the System ACE MPM device location. 

3. Specifying any other devices in the chain.  


The .mpm file should be assigned if you intend to program the System ACE MPM Flash contents. The .bsd file should be assigned if you must simply bypass the System ACE MPM device. 


The System ACE MPM BSDL files are: 





They are located in the following Xilinx installation directory: 

%XILINX%\acempm\data\<BSDL file name>.bsd 


When you work around this issue as described above, iMPACT 4.2i with Service Pack 3 reports IDCODE warnings when JTAG instructions are performed. You can safely ignore these warnings.

AR# 15391
日付 05/14/2014
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