AR# 1549


Foundation: Selecting Using Help gives "not enough memory"


Under Windows 3.11, selecting Help -> Using Help in the HDL
Editor generates the following message from Windows:

There is not enough memory available for this task.
Quit one or more programs to increase available memory,
and then try again.


The root cause of the error is usually NOT memory related.

The cause is that the HDL Editor help file was created for
WINHELP version 4.00.950 or greater. The version of WINHELP
that comes with Windows 3.11 is 3.10.425.

The HDL Editor can open the help file, but the "Using Help"
file was not included for this later version of WINHELP.

To be able to access the Help -> Using Help file from the HDL
Editor, upgrade the WINHELP program. WINHELP.EXE is found in
the WINDOWS directory. Version 4.00.950 of WINHELP comes
with Windows 95 and will run on Windows 3.11.
AR# 1549
日付 03/03/1999
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