AR# 1553


OrCAD Capture 7.0: How to add the net attributes?


In the OrCAD SDT 386+(DOS) and Capture 6.x tools, the user could not assign a property to a net. Hence there were symbols in the Xilinx library to do that. In capture 7.0, that limitation is gone and hence the symbols are removed from the Xilinx libraries.


To add the 'X' symbol to a net, do the

1) Edit the properties of the net by double clicking on it.
2) Select User Properties.
3) Select New.
4) Give any name you want and the value of X.
5) When you create a XNF netlist the property will be put on
the correct net of the XNF file.

For a complete description of using Capture with XACT Step tools, please download the App Note 12 ( from the OrCAD Web site.
Technical Support -> Application Notes -> Using OrCAD Capture and Simulate with Xilinx XACT Step(AN #12)
AR# 1553
日付 09/12/2000
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