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6.1i System Generator for DSP - What are parameter variable names and definitions for each Xilinx block that controls the S-Function?


General Description: 

How do I find information on the variable names and functions that drive the S-Function simulating a given Xilinx block? These variables are often referred to by the following names: 


Model Parameters 

Common Block Parameters 

Block Specific Parameters 

Mask Parameters 


Simulink block parameters are described in the Help information at: 


Help -> Content -> Simulink -> Using Simulink -> Model and Block Parameters -> Mask Parameters 


Does the help information in System Generator for DSP offer similar parameters?


Currently, no detailed help on this topic is available; however, you can find this information in the following two ways: 


1. Block Data Tips 


Block data tips offer insight into the variables underneath the masked Xilinx blocks. You can activate these tips by selecting the following menus in a Simulink model: 


View -> Block data tips options -> Parameter names and values 


If you rest the mouse pointer on any block, the parameter names will appear.  


2. Unmask a Subsystem 


Each Xilinx block is a masked subsystem that hides the details of the simulation function for that block and presents the block parameters to you in a readable, user-friendly manner. These block parameters control the parameter variables that drive the S-Function simulation model.  


To unmask a block and view its details, you must first unlink the block from its library as follows: 


Right-click on the block -> Link options -> Break Link 


This enables editing of the block so that it can be unmasked: 


Right-click on the block -> Edit Mask 


This reveals the Mask Editor -- you can view all parameter variables under the Parameters tab.

AR# 15883
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