AR# 1589


95216F .LCF file missing from HW-130 archive


Programming support for the XC95216/F devices has been
available on the BBS since the beginning of October 1996 in
version 3.02 of hw130 for the HW-130 programmer. The current
version is 4.00 (as reflected by the file time stamps), which
supports all available 9500 devices in all packages. You can
access the Windows (HW130W.ZIP) and DOS (HW130.ZIP) versions
on in the /PUB/SWHELP/PROGRMNG directory.

For Workstation and PC versions of the HW-130 Software,
please go to the Xilinx Anonymous FTP site at

The files available at this location include DOS (HW130.ZIP),
Windows (HW130W.ZIP), Sun, Solaris, HP700 and IBM RS6000
support. The software will also be available through the
Xilinx external web page as well (

Note that there is no device-specific
XC95216F.alg or XC95216F.lcf file in the working directory
after installation. The hw130 software uses the 'non-F'
algorithm (XC95216.alg) in conjunction with a generic
XC9xxx.lcf (generic family LCA file) pinout file to configure
the 95216/F. In general, generic pinout files (.lcf files)
are used whenever possible as opposed to device-specific ones,
so there will not always be a one-to-one correspondence
between device and pinout files,

Additional information:

The XC95216F device is supported in two packages, PQ160 and
HQ208. You must use the PQ160 adapter marked 'CPLD' and NOT
the 'XC7300' adapter. The new PQ160 and HQ208 adapters are
both available now. You also need to have v3.02 or v4.00 of
the software, and a JEDEC file, to program the device.


AR# 1589
日付 07/17/1997
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