AR# 1609


96 DATA BOOK: pps. 4-113 to 4-116 4025E / 4028EX/XL pinout shows 21 address pins


Keywords: xc4025e, PG223, HQ240, PG299, HQ304, BG352, address

Urgency: Standard

The 9/96 Databook pinout table representing the 4025E,
4028EX, and 4028XL shows 21 address lines. However, the
4025E has only 17 address lines.


Address pins A18, A19, A20, and A21 are for the 4028EX and 4028XL.
For the 4025E disregard adresses on the table greater than A17.
AR# 1609
日付 08/08/2000
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