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AR# 1646

96 DATA BOOK: XC4000EX Program Data and Prom size (bits), p. 4-58


7/96 and 9/96 DataBook
XC4000EX Program Data, p. 4-58, Table 23
Numbers in table are INCORRECT for Program Data and PROM Size (bits).


To get the correct numbers, use the following formulas:
Program Data = (Bits per Frame x Number of Frames) + 5 postamble bits
PROM Size = Program Data + 40 (header) + 8
Note 1 will be corrected in the upcoming databook revision.

Correct program data and prom sizes are (in bits):

xc4028EX/XL 668,124 668,172
xc4036EX/XL 832,480 832,528
xc4044EX/XL 1,014,876 1,014,924
xc4052XL 1,215,320 1,215,368
xc4062L 1,433,804 1,433,852
AR# 1646
日付 08/08/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般