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AR# 16470

6.1i Data2MEM - Can Data2MEM initialize 3DES encrypted bitstreams?


General Description: 

Can Data2MEM initialize 3DES encrypted bitstreams?


Data2MEM does not work with 3DES encrypted bitstreams.


You can run BitGen with the "-bd" option to work around this problem. 


BitGen Flow 


Option: -bd 


Syntax: -bd <elf_filename> switch 


Usage: The -bd switch specifies the path and the file name of the ".elf" file used to populate the BRAMs specified in the ".bmm" file. The address information in the ".elf" file allows Data2BRAM to determine in which ADDRESS_BLOCK to place the data. 


Functionality: BitGen passes the -bd switch with the <elf_filename> to Data2BRAM. Data2BRAM processes the ".bmm" file specified during NGDBuild, and the ".elf" file is used to create the BRAM initialization strings for each of the constrained BRAMs. The initialization strings are used to update the ".ncd" file before the ".bit" file is created. BRAM placement information is provided by the ".ncd" file to Data2BRAM. This information is used to create the "<bramfilename>_bd.bmm" file. This file contains the placement information for all constrained or unconstrained BRAMs, and is necessary to allow you to use the stand-alone Data2BRAM program. This file is needed by the software engineer to use in the stand-alone flow.

AR# 16470
日付 05/15/2014
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