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AR# 17201

3.1 System Generator for DSP and 5.1i Project Navigator - A "VhdlLibrary ... no such variables ... jhdparse" error appears when I open a SysGen project in ISE


General Description:  

When I try to open a SysGen project in XST Project Navigator, the following error appears: 


"Error: @4300.rsp not found can't read "VhdlLibrary": no such variable while executing "lappend _jhdparseOptions "$VhdlLibrary"" 

invoked from within "if { $IsVhdl } { 

lappend _jhdparseOptions "-lang vhdl" 

lappend _jhdparseOptions "-i $iv_InputFile" 

lappend _jhdparseOptions "-o $iv_OutputFil..." 



This is a hierarchy problem in Project Navigator. Project Navigator might have problems parsing your design due to the length of the sub-module names. 


You can make the following changes to the Windows Registry to change the default parse length for Project Navigator: 

1. Shut down Project Navigator. 

2. Launch regedit from Start -> Run. 

3. Search for MaxCmdLength, as in the following example: 

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-516775306-1860137088-1543857936-2856\Software\Xilinx\Project Navigator\V1.0\Preferences 

4. The default value is set to 128; change it to 1024 or larger. There is no limit, but 1024 should work for most designs. 

5. Re-launch Project Navigator.


To adjust the same variable in a UNIX environment perform the following: 


1. Shut down Project Navigator. 

2. Find the hidden folder ".Xilinx" (this generally resides within your home network drive). 

3. Find the file "config.ini" in the subdirectory Project_Navigator/V1.0. 

4. Change the MaxCmdLength to 1024. 

5. Re-launch Project Navigator.

AR# 17201
日付 05/15/2014
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