AR# 17495


6.1i ISE - Project Navigator File -> Open requests are sent to my HTML browser when HTML report is open


Keywords: file, open, browser, HTML, source, text, Project Navigator, VHDL, Verilog, report, CPLD, fitter

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I open a text file by selecting File -> Open or by double-clicking on the file in the sources window of Project Navigator, the source file is incorrectly sent to (opened in) the local HTML Browser.


This can happen with CPLD projects for the following reasons:
- Project Navigator Preferences are set to use HTML for CPLD reports and to use an Embedded HTML Browser.
- The last process run was to view an HTML report or there is an open Embedded HTML file that currently has the project "focus".

The work-around is to change the focus from the HTML Browser. An easy way to do this is to close the HTML report. Alternatively, if you have any other file open before the HTML report is opened, you can switch to it and then open other HDL or text files in the ISE Text Editor.
AR# 17495
日付 02/07/2006
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