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AR# 17553

7.1i CPLD CoolRunner XPLA3 - "ERROR:Cpld:1060 - Design contains X unique output enables, exceeds device limit 9"


General Description: 

When I try to fit a CoolRunner XPLA3 device, the following error occurs: 


"ERROR:Cpld:1060 - Design contains X unique output enables, exceeds device limit 9." 


How do I know the limit of output enables (OE) for the device?


For CoolRunner XPLA3, see the "CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLD Family" data sheet, Figure 6: "I/O Cell" located at: 


Each function block has four Control Terms (CT 3:0) plus one Universal OE. Universal OE is global, so there is one per device. Then you can count the number of output enables available as follows: 


1 Universal OE + (# FB x 4) = Total Output Enable limit 


This yields the total number of output enables. Note that control terms are shared with other functions, so using a control term clock, control term asynchronous reset or preset, or clock enable reduces the number of output enables that may be used in your design.

AR# 17553
日付 05/08/2014
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