AR# 17572


Synplify - IBUFDS_LVPECL_33 input buffer is not supported in Synplify 7.2 / 7.3 but is a valid standard


Keywords : Simplify, Virtex II, IBUFDS, LVPECL, VHDL, VERILOG 


Urgency : Standard 


General Description : 


When I implement a design using the LVPECL standard in the Virtex-II device with Simplify 7.2 or Simplify 7.3, the dedicated IBUFGDS_LVPECL_33 input buffer component is not recognized. Only the IBUFDS_LVPECL_25 buffer is recognized.


To use the LVPECL_33 standard for Virtex-II, please use the method described in (Xilinx Solution 17291) and instantiate an IBUFDS/OBUFDS.

AR# 17572
日付 05/15/2014
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