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AR# 177

XC4000: How are 4000A parts different from 4000 parts?


The following summarizes the differences in resources between
the 4000A and standard 4000 families of parts. The 4000A is
basically an optimized 4000 device. Some routing resources
were removed, as they were found to be excessive in many cases,
and the result is a smaller (and thus cheaper) die. These devices are package and pinout compatible, but NOT bitstream
compatible. There are other specification differences, which can be found
in the 1993 data book.

4000 4000A Comments
---- ----- ---------
single length lines 8 4 to compensate, additional pips
(connected to were added to these lines to
switch matrix) provide additional
connectivity to the remaining

horizontal 6 4 Additonal CLB pips were added
long lines to these lines in the 4000A

vertical 6 4 Additional CLB pips were added
long lines to these lines in the 4000A


AR# 177
日付 10/01/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般