AR# 17756


6.2 System Generator for DSP - "Error: Your evaluation license has ended"


General Description: 

I have a valid SysGen license for 90 days, which has not ended yet. When I double-click on the Xilinx Blockset icon, the following message occurs: 

"Your evaluation license has ended."


This issue occurs if the Windows Operating System (OS) clock time is set back for some reason. This triggers a time bomb that causes the evaluation System Generator version to immediately stop working. You might have an application that automatically adjusts the Windows OS clock each time it runs to agree with NIST Internet Time Service (ITS) time. If the time on the PC was incorrect when System Generator was installed and the Internet application corrects the time using ITS, this will cause the evaluation license to stop working immediately. The only way to work around this issue is to install System Generator on another PC. You will not be able to re-install it on the same PC, unless you re-install the OS.

AR# 17756
日付 05/15/2014
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