AR# 1792


Foundation Schematic: How to control output slew rate


Keywords: output slew rate fast slow

Urgency: Standard

General Description: How can I set certain outputs to be
FAST or SLOW slew rate on a Foundation schematic?


If left unspecified, all outputs will default to SLOW slew

To specify the slew rate to be FAST, do the following:

1. Double-click on the OPAD you wish to make FAST

2. In the "Parameters" section of the Symbol Properties
Dialog box, find the box labeled 'Name:'. Type FAST in
this box.

The FAST attribute only requires a Name, and does not
require a Description.

3. You will now see FAST= in the box which lists all the
parameters. The number of dots next to the attribute
determines what is displayed on the schematic. Double-
clicking on the parameter (FAST=) will change the number
of dots.

One dot: The Description only will show on schematic.
Two dots: Both the Name and Description will show.
No dots: Neither Name nor Description will show.
AR# 1792
日付 08/12/2003
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