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AR# 17935

6.1i ISE - Closing Project Project Navigator gives a segmentation fault on Linux 7.3 if a certain sequence of actions is followed.


Keywords: core, segmentation, Coregen, Master Log, ISE, ProjNav, fault, linux, 7.3, red hat

Urgency: Standard

General description: If the following sequence of steps is followed, Project Navigator has been seen to give a segmentation fault on Linux 7.3

1. Add Coregen IP to an ISE project
2. Click "View Coregen Master Log" in the Process for source
3. Make sure the log file opens in the right hand side
4. Click File-> Exit
5. A dialog box appears with no information on what it is for. It just has Yes/No buttons.
6. Clicking either gives a segmentation fault.


This problem can occur if the Coregen Master Log is being edited as it is opened in the ISE Text Editor. The editor thinks that the Coregen Master Log file has been modified externally and issues a dialog stating that the log file was externally modified and asking if the user wants to reload it. However, on Linux 7.3, this happens while Project Navigator is shutting down causing a segmentation fault.

Project Navigator properly handles this sequence of actions on all other supported platforms.

To avoid a fault on Linux 7.3, close the ISE Text Editor before exiting Project Navigator.

AR# 17935
日付 09/05/2003
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般