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XACTstep 6.0.1 - What operating systems (OS) are supported by the XACT step 6.0.1 software release?


General Description: What operating systems (OS) support the XACT Step software release?


XACT Step 6.0.1/5.2.1 was officially supported on:

Windows 3.1x

Requires hardware key for license


Requires Flex LM license


Requires Flex LM license


Requires Flex LM license

Although not supported, XACT Step 6.0.1/5.2.1 has been found to work on the both Windows 95 and Windows 98 with the following known issues.

1) A pair of message boxes that appear when the Design Manager is opened. The first box titled "Unknown File System Found" explains how the Design Manager does not recognize the FAT32. This box can be closed. A second message box with the same title also appears, but cannot be closed. Minimize this box and use the Design Manager as usual. The message box will close when the Design Manager is closed. These messages are harmless.

2) On some Win95B / Win98 systems, users have been unable to change families during the Translate phase or use the pulldown menus in the Design Manager. There is no known workaround for these

problems, short of reinstalling with the older version of Windows 95.

3) When closing Design Manager, there is always an OLE error that comes up - This can be ignored (click OK)

4) On some Win98 machines, XACT hangs during the translate stage. The hang will persist until any application (e.g. open reports, realplay, wordpad doc, notepad doc, etc...) is closed.

On Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP the XACT executables run from command line but the GUIs do not work.

Customers has reported successfully running the XACT Step software on SUN versions from Sun4 to Sol 2.8 .

To get an XACT 6.0.1 CD send the request to the Xilinx Hotline with the following information:

Customer's name,




Preferred platform (IBM PC or Compatibles, SUN 4, HP700, RS6000)


XACT step 6.0.1/ 5.2.1 on a Windows platform requires a Hardware Key (dongle) to run the main executables:

To determine if a key is authorized for the desired features type 'xkey -r<ENTER>' at a command prompt. Xkey.exe should read any available hardware keys on the PC's parallel port and list the features that the key is authorized for.

On some machines xkey.exe cannot read the keys on the parallel port. In this case, contact the Xilinx hotline for an updated version or Xkey.exe

If the a customer cannot find their hardware key or the key cannot be read, they should contact the Xilinx hotline for available licensing options.

To obtain a programming password for a hardware key or to obtain a FlexLM license for a Unix platform, customers should contact Xilinx Customer Service.
AR# 18053
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