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AR# 18170

6.1 System Generator for DSP - Cannot select device/speed/package for generation; generation does not complete


General Description: 

When I try to generate my system using the Xilinx System Generator token in Simulink, the System Generator window does not allow me to select the device size, speed grade, or package, and a "not installed" message occurs. As a result, when I click on the "Generate" button, the progress bar appears but generation never completes. How can I get System Generator to allow me to select a specific device?


This error occurs when System Generator is installed without the XILINX environment variable set. To fix the problem, make sure that the XILINX environment variable is set correctly and then re-install the System Generator software. The device size, speed grade, and package should now be available and system generation should complete successfully. 


NOTE: The parts specified in the System Generator token reflect the parts that are installed in ISE. If a part is not installed in ISE, it does not appear in the System Generator Token.

AR# 18170
日付 05/16/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般