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AR# 1835

Foundation: After unzipping archived project, errors updating xnf netlist


Keywords: xnf netlist error
Urgency: Standard

General Description:
A project has been archived and then unzipped on a different

After making a modifications to the design, you try to
generate an XNF file by clicking on the XACT icon or
selecting Options -> Export Netlist. The software issues
several errors and fails to write an XNF file.


This can happen if the project's library ID number already
exists on this PC. All Foundation project libraries are
given numbers, and this number is stored in the archived

When there is a conflict between the library ID of the
unzipped project and one of the libraries already existing in
the system, the procedure listed below should solve the

In this example, the archived/unzipped project is called

1. Invoke the Library Manager (Applications -> Library
Manager from the Project Manager).

2. Select Library -> Attach from the Library Manager.

3. Select drive C: and directory ACTIVE\PROJECTS\MYPRO\LIB in
the LM - Attach Library window.

4. Click on MYPRO in the 'Libraries Found' list, then click

5. Find the MYPRO library in the list in the main Library
manager window and write down its ID number.

6. Close the Library Manager and open the MYPRO.PDF file
(using Notepad or any other text editor) located in the

7. Find the [libraries] section in this file, and replace the
existing 4-digit number followed by '=' with the number
you have written down in step 5 (e.g. if the original
entry was '1001=' and the new library ID is 1005, the new
entry should be '1005=').

8. Find the LIBORDER entry in the [project] section, and
again replace the old library ID with the one you have
written down in step 5 (e.g. if the original entry was
'liborder=1001 71 53' and the new library ID is 1005,
the new entry should be 'liborder=1005 71 53').

9. Save the MYPRO.PDF file.

The MYPRO project is now ready for use.
AR# 1835
日付 03/03/1999
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般