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ModelSim (MXE, SE, PE) - How do I store ModelSim waveform as distinct data points to load into a spreadsheet?


General Description: 

How can I store my ModelSim waveform data as a set of data points, to be read-in by programs like Microsoft Excel?


You can convert the ModelSim waveform data as sets of data points in the following way: 


1. From the ModelSim console window, select "View" -> "List". A separate List window will pop up. 

2. Go to the waveform view, and select the signals you want to save as data. 

3. Drag and drop the signals into the "List" window, opened in step 1. 

4. The left row will be shown as time, the right row as signal status at that time. 

5. From the List window, chose "File" -> "Write List" -> "Tabular" to save data. 


The saved data can now be opened in programs like Microsoft Excel.

AR# 18563
日付 05/16/2014
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