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XACT Licensing - How do I force XACT to use the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable?


Keywords: XACT, security, license, file, LM_LICENSE_FILE

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
By default, XACT versions 5.2.1 and earlier expect to find a license in
$XACT/license/license.dat. Alternatively, the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable
may be used to point to another location.

NOTE: This solution does not apply to M1 and later software (versions 1.4 - 3.3i)


For most programs, the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable is used to tell the Highland licensing
program where to find the license file. Xilinx software, however, normally ignores this
environment variable. This was done to allow the XLMASU program to automatically start
the license manager if it is not running when a user needs a license. For this to work, the
Xilinx software should use a license file that contains only Xilinx features.

You can make the Xilinx license manager work in the standard way by defining the
environment variable XLM_ENABLE_LM_LICENSE_FILE as follows:

# The C Shell, csh (put in your ~/.cshrc file)
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE </path/to/xilinx/license>:${LM_LICENSE_FILE}
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE </path/to/xilinx/license>

# The KornShell, ksh (put in you ~/.profile file)
export LM_LICENSE_FILE="</path/to/xilinx/license>:</other/licenses>"

# The Bourne Shell, sh (put in your ~/.profile file)
export LM_LICENSE_FILE="</path/to/xilinx/license>:</other/licenses>"

# The Apollo Aegis /com/sh
export LM_LICENSE_FILE="</path/to/xilinx/license>:</other/licenses>"

The presence of this environment variable will cause the Xilinx programs that are
protected by the Xilinx License Manager to use the M_LICENSE_FILE variable
to locate the license file. This variable also inhibits the program from calling the
"autostartup" program (XLMASU) if the license manager is not running.

This method will work for a situation where the license file that is pointed to by
the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable must be different on different machines. However,
the disadvantage of the method is that all users of Xilinx software must ensure that
the two environment variables are defined properly.

NOTE: If you choose to start the LMGRD license manager program at boot time (by
editing the /etc/rc.local file), you should probably move the LMGRD and XXACTD
programs to a file system that is guaranteed to be mounted when the /etc/rc.local file
is executed. (The /usr/etc directory is usually a safe choice.) Regardless of where you
move the programs, be sure to edit the path to the XXACTD program in the license
data file.

To start the LMGRD program on a node at boot time, you will have to edit the /etc/rc.local
file. Add syntax such as the following to the file:

if [ -f /usr/etc/lmgrd]; then
/usr/etc/lmgrd -c /path/to/license/file > /dev/null & echo -n 'lmgrd'

XLM_ENABLE_LM_LICENSE_FILE does not need to be set to a value; it
just needs to be set. Remember that in this case, LM_LICENSE_FILE must
point to the file, not just the directory. Normally, XLMASU will automatically
look for the license in the file $XACT/license/license.dat
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