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AR# 18977

MicroBlaze Documentation - Where can I find information on MicroBlaze trace signals (such as, pc_ex, reg_write, pipe_running, jump_taken)?


General Description:  

The following signals are listed as MicroBlaze top-level port signals, but their functions are not listed in the documentation. Where can I find information on the following signals? 


Valid_Instr : out std_logic; 

PC_EX : out std_logic_vector(0 to C_DATA_SIZE-1); 

Reg_Write : out std_logic; 

Reg_Addr : out std_logic_vector(0 to 4); 

MSR_Reg : out std_logic_vector(0 to 7); 

New_Reg_Value : out std_logic_vector(0 to C_DATA_SIZE-1); 

Pipe_Running : out std_logic; 

Interrupt_Taken : out std_logic; 

Jump_Taken : out std_logic; 

Prefetch_Addr : out std_logic_vector(0 to 3); 

MB_Halted : out std_logic;


This information will be available in the next documentation release. In the mean time, the following information helps to explain the functionality of these signals:  


- PC_EX is the instruction_address for the executing instruction 

- MSR_REG contains the current msr register value 

- PIPE_RUNNING is "1" when the pipeline is running ("no stalls") 

- INTERRUPT_TAKEN is "1" when an interrupt is acknowledged (when MicroBlaze is jumping to the interrupt address) 

- JUMP_TAKEN is "1" when a jump is taken 

- PREFETCH_ADDR shows how many instructions have been prefetched; MB_Halted is "1" when MicroBlaze is halted by the internal debug logic 

- VALID_INSTR is "1" when the instruction in EX is valid 

- NEW_REG_VALUE is the value that is written to the register file 

- REG_ADDR is the register that is being written 

- REG_WRITE is "1" when a register is being written with the NEW_REG_VALUE

AR# 18977
日付 05/16/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
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