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AR# 19020

Virtex-II Pro X RocketIO - OC-192 support for engineering samples


General Description: 

How can I support OC-192 data rates with Virtex-II Pro X engineering samples (ES) since the OC-192 primitives are not available?


You can run the RocketIO X transceiver with a 5-byte interface at ~250 MHz to support OC-192 rates. Use the GT10_CUSTOM primitive and set the following: 


Set the PMA_SPEED attribute to 13_40.  


Set a 5-byte interface: 

* Drive RXDATAWIDTH, TXDATAWIDTH pins to 2'b10: this sets the fabric width to 40 bits 

* Drive RXINTDATAWIDTH, TXINTDATAWIDTH pins to 2'b11: this sets the internal bus width to 40 bits 

* Disable encoding and decoding: 

- set TXENC8B10BUSE=0, TXENC64B66BUSE=0 

- set RXDEC8B10BUSE=0, RXDEC64B66BUSE=0 

* Concatenate TX and RX signals to create the data buses: 

- TXDATA - {TXCHARDISPMODE[n], TXCHARDISPVAL[n], TXDATA[8*(n+1)-1:n*8]} where n= 3 downto 0 

- RXDATA - {RXCHARISK[n], RXRUNDISP[n], TXDATA[8*(n+1)-1:n*8]} where n= 3 to 0 

This can be done in the fabric and is the normal use model for any standard that uses 10 bit characters instead of eight.

AR# 19020
日付 05/16/2014
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