AR# 1905


Foundation HDL Editor: Code isn't highlighted with different colors properly.


Keywords: hdl editor color code highlight keyword

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The HDL editor doesn't show keywords highlighted properly
when writing or loading ABEL and/or VHDL code.


This is usually caused by a licensing (hardware key) problem.

The Xilinx key must be present on the PC's parallel port when
the Foundation Project Manager is first started. If the key
is attached after starting the Project Manager, the HDL
Editor will not be correctly licensed.

1. Check to make sure the key is plugged in. Quit and
restart the Project Manager.

2. In the Project Manager, select Applications -> Keylock
Utility. Make sure that ABEL and VHDL are listed in the
lower portion of the window.

If the Keylock Utility does not list the features you are
authorized for, refer to (Xilinx Solution 699), (Xilinx
Solution 1291), and (Xilinx Solution 1240) for more information on hardware key issues.

AR# 1905
日付 04/28/1999
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