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AR# 19145

6.2/6.1 EDK - Debugging Processor IP Licensing Issues


General Description: 

I am having trouble getting my license to work for the IP I have purchased. What steps can I take to resolve this issue?


If the core in question is paid for, verify the following: 

* The license must be installed on the machine implied by the MAC-id provided when the license was generated.  

Xilinx recommends that the zip file containing the license is unzipped as follows: 

- Solaris/Linux: unzip to your home directory. 

- Windows: unzip to the location pointed to by the HOMEDRIVE environment variable, or to C: . 


NOTE: The WinZip "Keep folder names" option must be enabled or the files will not unzip correctly. 


* It is critical that XPS is run on the same machine where the license is installed.  


If the above requirements are not applicable or have been met, perform the following: 

1. Install the latest EDK release and service pack. 

2. Make sure that the XIL_CG_LICENSE_DIR environment variable is not set. 

3. Open "Xygwin Shell" using: Start -> Programs -> Xilinx Embedded Development Kit -> Xygwin Shell. 

4. Run "xlicmgr status" to print a list of cores that have licenses, and the license types.


License Installation Instructions 


To install each license, follow the appropriate procedure below: 




1. Determine the value of the HOMEDRIVE environment variable by entering the following at a DOS command prompt: 


ms-dos> set HOMEDRIVE 


Typically, this variable is C: 

2. Unzip the attached ".zip" file into the HOMEDRIVE using any unzipping utility (e.g., WinZip). 




Unzip the attached ".zip" file into your HOME directory. If you do not have an unzipping utility, you can try the following in a shell that is set up to run the Xilinx tools. 


 # Move to the HOME directory 

unix-shell> cd 

 # Unzip license file 

unix-shell> $XILINX/bin/sol/unzip core_licenses_full.zip 


NOTE: In some cases, you might want to place the licenses in another location. To make the licenses work properly, you need to set the XIL_CG_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to point to the directory where you put the license files. For example, on Windows platforms, if you install the license files at C:\<your-install-dir>\.Xilinx\Coregen\CoreLicenses\*.lic, you should set XIL_CG_LICENSE_DIR to C:\<your-install-dir>\.Xilinx\Coregen\CoreLicenses.


The following Web site contains valuable debugging information: 



AR# 19145
日付 05/20/2014
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