AR# 1934


Foundation Simulator: Can I prevent my design from being flattened for functional simulation?


Keywords: foundation, simulate, functional, hierarchy, flatten

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When performing functional simulation, you usually see the
design hierarchy preserved in the simulator (e.g. when you
select Signal -> Add Signals you see the design hierarchy in
the far right panel).

When the simulator needs to perform an "XBLOX Update", the
design is flattened. The Add Signals window shows only
"Root" in the far right panel.

Is there a way to get the hierarchy back for functional
simulation, or to prevent the design from getting flattened?


If the design needs to be flattened for functional
simulation, there is no way to restore the hierarchy.

In order to prevent the design from being flattened, you must
remove all XBLOX components from the design, replacing them
with standard library components.

If your design contains VHDL macros, perform the following
steps for each macro:

1. Open the .VHD file in the HDL Editor.
2. Select Synthesis -> Options. Uncheck the "X-BLOX" box.
3. Select Project -> Update Macro.
AR# 1934
日付 04/28/1999
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