AR# 1940


XNFMERGE : Warning 285. Net names and symbol pin names do not match.


When using symbols/components in Viewlogic's ProCapture or ViewDraw, make
sure that the symbols have come from the Xilinx family or XBLOX libraries
and not the builtin libraries.
Builtin symbols will be accepted by XSimmake when performing a functional
simulation, but XNFMERGE will complain that net names and symbol pins do
not match.
The Xilinx tools will strip out the symbol and it's related nets and issue
warning 285.


Only use components from the Xilinx family library, XBLOX library, or a
user-created library.

One method for resolving Warning 285 problems is to temporarily comment out
the builtin libraries, open the schematic, and replace all the components
that appear as "white boxes".
AR# 1940
日付 10/06/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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