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AR# 19759

6.2i ChipScope Pro - After downloading a new version of ChipScope, I cannot install it because my Register ID is not correct


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General Description: 

After downloading a new version of ChipScope , I cannot install it because my Register ID is not correct. Why?


When updating your ChipScope version (for instance, from ChipScope Pro 6.1i to ChipScope Pro 6.2i), you need a new product ID to install this new version. You cannot install ChipScope Pro 6.2i with the ChipScope Pro 6.1i Product ID.  


If you are still under license (which is valid for one year), please contact your distributor if you have not received the latest product ID. As soon as you receive it, register your software and you will get the correct Register ID. 


NOTE: Moving From ChipScope Pro 6.2i Release 2, to ChipScope Pro 6.2i Release 3 does not require a new product ID.

AR# 19759
日付 05/16/2014
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種類 一般