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AR# 19871

9.2i EDK, LibGen/PlatGen - Comments in MHS or MSS file are removed when run through the tools


Comments included at the end of a line in the MHS/MSS file will be removed. For example, given this MSS snippet: 


PARAMETER config_bufmalloc = true # comment 1 

PARAMETER mem_table = ((4,30),(8,20)) # comment 2 

PARAMETER static_pthread_table = ((display_TASK,2),(calc_time_TASK,2),(check_alarm_TASK,2),(sound_alarm_TASK,1),(hello_main,0)) # comment 3 


after running LibGen, the MSS looks like the following: 


PARAMETER config_bufmalloc = true 

PARAMETER mem_table = ((4,30),(8,20)) 

PARAMETER static_pthread_table = ((display_TASK,2),(calc_time_TASK,2),(check_alarm_TASK,2),(sound_alarm_TASK,1),(hello_main,0)) 


Notice that the comments are GONE!


Comments must be placed on a new independent line.

AR# 19871
日付 05/16/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般