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AR# 2026

FPGA Configuration: APM - Can RDY/BSY be used to signal start of configuration instead of INIT?


General Description:

Can the RDY/BSY signal be used to indicate when asynchronous peripheral mode

configuration can commence instead of using the INIT pin?


The RDY/BSY pin may be used to indicate when the FPGA can accept configuration

data in asynchronous peripheral mode. However, a pulldown

should be used to keep this pin at a logic low during power-up.

After Vcc has been applied to the FPGA, but before the mode pins have been

sampled, all I/Os, including the RDY/BSY pin, will be high-impedence and

pulled high. After the mode pins have been sampled, if APM has been

selected, then the RDY/BSY pin will be driven low during a memory clearing

cycle. When the FPGA is ready to accept configuration data the RDY/BSY pin

will be driven HIGH. Adding a 2.2~3.3K ohm resistor to this pin will hold it

LOW until the FPGA can accept data.

AR# 2026
日付 12/15/2012
ステータス アクティブ
種類 一般