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6.2i IP Update 1.2 CORE Generator - Release Notes and Known Issues for CORE Generator 6.2i IP Update 1.2


General Description: 

This Answer Record contains Release Notes for 6.2i IP Update 1.2 and includes the following: 


- Software and Tool Requirements 

- Installation Instructions 


The Fibre Channel v1.0 Core is the only IP included in this release. For the Release Notes and Known Issues specific to the Fibre Channel v1.0 Core, please see (Xilinx Answer 19527).


Supported operating systems: 


Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 2-4) 

Windows XP Home (Service Pack 1)/Professional (Service Pack 1) 


Sun Solaris 8/9 


Red Hat Linux 7.3/8.0 


Tool Requirements: 


To use the Fibre Channel v1.0 Core, first be sure you have installed ISE 6.2i with Service Pack 3 (6.2.03i) or later. ISE 6.2i Service Packs can be downloaded from this page:

Next, install the IP Update using one of the following methods: 


Method 1: Automated Update using the Updates Installer 


1. Start the CORE Generator Update Installer. (From the CORE Generator Main GUI, select Tools -> Update Installer.) 


- If you are prompted for a proxy host, contact your administrator to determine the proxy host address and port number you should be using to get through your firewall. 


2. Select " 6.2i_IP_Update1_2" from the list of updates in the Available Packages panel.  


3. Click "Add To Install Queue" to add the ZIP file for the update to the install queue.  


- If you are prompted to enter a log-in name and password, use the Xilinx log-in and password that you would normally use when downloading IP Updates and software Service Packs. 


4. Click "Install All Packages From Queue". This will automatically initiate a download of the update.  


- After the update has been downloaded, the Updates Installer displays a dialog box indicating that it is terminating the CORE Generator session and installing the downloaded archive. Another dialog box will inform you when the update installation is complete. You can then restart CORE Generator. 


5. To confirm that you have installed the update properly, check the following file:  




(This assumes that your Xilinx software is installed in C:\Xilinx.)  


Method 2: Manual Installation Method 


1. Close the CORE Generator application if it is running.  


2. Download the ZIP file (PC) or "tar.gz" file (UNIX) from the following location and save it to a temporary directory:
(Before you can access this page and the files listed on it, you must be registered for CORE Generator IP Updates access.)  


For Windows, unpack the ZIP file using WinZip 7.0 SR-1 or later. 


For UNIX platforms, you can use some versions of UnZip to unpack this ZIP file. Xilinx recommends that you download the "tar.gz" file and unpack it using the UNIX command line utilities "gunzip" and "tar". WinZip and GNU "tar" are not recommended for extracting the "tar.gz" archive due to differences in the way they handle files with long path names. Please see (Xilinx Answer 11162) for more details. 


3. Extract the ZIP file ( or "tar.gz" (62i_ip_update1_2.tar.gz) archive to the root directory of your Xilinx software installation. Allow the extractor utility you use to overwrite all existing files and maintain the directory structure pre-defined in the archive.  



The Xilinx software installation directory is typically located at "C:\XILINX" if the installation defaults were used. You can verify the location of the Xilinx install by typing "echo %XILINX%" from a DOS / Command Prompt. 



If you have already installed your Xilinx ISE software, the Xilinx installation directory location is the value of the "XILINX" variable, which is defined by your setup script. After sourcing your Xilinx setup script, type "echo $XILINX" to determine the location of your Xilinx installation. You might need system administrator privileges to install the update. 


4. Restart CORE Generator. During start-up, CORE Generator automatically detects that new IP has been added to your installation. It allows you to specify which IP customizers ("cores") will be visible in your currently active CORE Generator project. For your current project, you can choose to: 

- Display only the latest versions for "All" cores in the catalog. 

- Update the catalog view to add only "New" cores to the display. 

- Make a "Custom" selection of cores visible in the CORE Generator catalog display for your current project. 


5. Determine whether the installation was successful by verifying that the new cores are visible in the CORE Generator GUI. 


Acrobat Reader Requirement 


Acrobat Reader Version 5 or later must be installed to view core data sheets. You can download the latest Acrobat software from the following Adobe site:

To search for available IP cores, please see:

If you have comments, questions, or problems, please contact Xilinx Technical and Applications Support:

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