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AR# 20534

EDK 6.3 - PLB lockup when using the PLB IPIF V2_00_a IP Master interface ports


General Description: 

A PLB lockup might occur under certain conditions when the User is employing the IP Master service/interface on PLB IPIF V2_00_a. The lockup can result when the IPIF is responding to a PLB write request that is active on the IPIF Slave port and the User Master initiates a PLB Read request via the IPIF IP Master interface. If the IPIF Slave data phase is extended due to User logic throttling, the IPIF Master Read data phase will loose data when transferred from the Master Attachment to the Slave Attachment. When the Slave Attachment grants service to the Master Attachment (after the Slave Write completes), the lost data causes the Slave Attachment to hang, waiting for the lost data to show up. Since this never occurs, the Slave Attachment is locked in an indefinite 'busy' state and the User's IP Master logic will never receive the transfer complete indication. The problem has been tracked to the file "master_attachment.vhd" in the "plb_ipif_v2_00_a" source directory. 


This problem has been corrected in the following PLB IPIF Versions: 






This problem is fixed in the latest 6.3 EDK Service Pack, available at: 

The first service pack containing the fix is EDK 6.3 Service Pack 2.

AR# 20534
日付 05/16/2014
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