AR# 2066


Foundation Schematic - "PPR ERROR 9028" encountered when using COMPMC8 macro in a 5200 design


Keywords: PPR, Foundation, 9028

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following error may occur during the Place and Route of an XC5200 design:

*** PPR: ERROR 9028:
The following block of the set $I2/hset does not represent a legal block
configuration for this device. Check the logic shown below against the
requirements of RLOC constraints, BLKNM parameters, and X and P signal

Symbol Name = $I2/$1I3
Type = CY_MUX
Symbol Name = $I2/$1I1965
Type = CY_MUX

Note that in the line "RLOC = R1C1.LC0", the RLOC attributes refer to column 1 instead
of column 0. This is an error in the Foundation XC5200 library.



In order to use the COMPMC8 in an XC5200 design, you must make a local copy of the
macro and edit it to correct the RLOC attributes.

Please see (Xilinx Solution 1657) for instructions on copying a Xilinx library component.

Open up the macro schematic and modify all the RLOC attributes for the 'LT' logic to use
column 0 'C0'.


For the correct schematics, refer to Page 3-48 in the On-Line Libraries Supplement Guide.
AR# 2066
日付 10/06/2008
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