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AR# 20679

6.3 EDK SP2- opb_pci_v1_01_a Core causes a fatal error with NGDBuild when C_INCLUDE_PCI_CONFIG = 0


General Description: 

A fatal error will occur with NGDBuild when the generic is set as follows: 


C_INCLUDE_PCI_CONFIG = 0 (i.e. host bridge functionality not included). 


The error is caused by the tcl-script adding constraints to the ncf-file that are not needed when host bridge functionality 

is not included.


The way to correct the problem is to modify the tcl-script in the data directory of the opb_pci Core as shown 



The following 2 lines: 


puts $outputFile "NET *Config_BusNum_Reg<*> TIG;" 

puts $outputFile "NET *Config_Addr_port_regd<*> TIG;" 


should be replaced with: 


if { [xget_value $mhsinst "parameter" "C_INCLUDE_PCI_CONFIG" ] == 1 } { 


puts $outputFile "NET *Config_BusNum_Reg<*> TIG;" 

puts $outputFile "NET *Config_Addr_port_regd<*> TIG;" 



Alternatively, one can remove the offending 2 lines, but then if configuration functionality is added, then the required 

constraints are not included. 


This will be fixed in the future EDK release EDK 7.1.1 (2nd half of 2005).

AR# 20679
日付 05/19/2014
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種類 一般