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AR# 20732

Virtex-II Pro RocketIO Transceiver User Guide v2.5 - Typographical errors in 8B/10B Valid Data Characters Table


Appendix B of the Virtex-II Pro Rocket IO Transceiver User Guide (v2.5 - December 9th, 2004) contains the 8B/10B Valid Data Characters. The v2.5 version of this user guide contains error is this table. To access the current guide (v3.0 - February 22, 2007), select the RocketIO Transceiver User Guide from the following link: 


The typographical errors in the v2.5 table are listed below.


Typographical errors in Table B-1 are as follows: 


D18.2 in the "Bits" column has 010 01010; it should be 010 10010 


D09.3 in the "Current RD +" column has 011010 0011; it should be 100101 0011  


D10.3 in the "Current RD +" column has 100101 0011; it should be 010101 0011  


D18.5 in the "Bits" column has 101 01010; it should be 101 10010  


D18.6 in the "Bits" column has 110 01010; it should be 110 10010 


All these typographical errors from v2.5 have been fixed in v3.0.

AR# 20732
日付 05/19/2014
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