AR# 2135


Orcad - Xmake fails during Orcad Annotate: "Program does not support incremental annotation."


Keywords: Orcad, annotate, Xmake, /U, incremental annotation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Using Xact step 5.2.0/6.0.0 or later with Orcad SDTMake may return the following
error message:

XMAKE: Execute command 'annotate <design>.sch'
<<<ERROR>>>program does not currently support incremental annotation of
ANNOTATE File structures.
Use the /U switch to unconditionally change reference.
MSDOS Error # 10 Baf Environment

The message appears even after using the /U switch.


This error can be caused by having multiple versions of Orcad tools listed in the path.

PATH = c:\xact; c:\sdt; c:\sdt386; c:\windows

To avoid this error, include only one version of Orcad in the path.
AR# 2135
日付 10/06/2008
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種類 一般
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